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SOG Flash II Knife Review

By on Jan 3, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

SOG Flash II

As a charter sailboat captain, I’m on the water daily and need a knife I can depend on.  Light weight, durable, open one-handed, surrated edge, reasonably priced.

I’ve been carrying this knife for 3 years now, and am very impressed.  I’m not particularly hard on a knife, but I do give it a workout.

Earlier this year, I’m not sure what happened, but the Release Button broke in my pocket. I hoped this was a warranty item, and that SOG would honor it.  You never know what “Lifetime Warranty” really means.  I found a Warranty Form online , sent in my knife as instructed, and in less than a month it was returned repaired, cleaned, and sharpened.  It looked like new!  No hassle!!

Things I like about my SOG Flash II

-The patented S.A.T. system makes this knife so effortless to use, and so well designed you can easily open and close the knive with one hand.

-The clip keeps it safe in my pocket without being obvious.

-Light weight, but durable.

-Reasonably priced.

-Solid company, customer service, and warranty.

I highly recommend SOG knives, and I carry mine with me at all times while sailing.  Thanks, SOG!!


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