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100 Days of Boat Rides

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I’m not sure if Skipper J directly challenged Bo and I to get our sailboats out of the marina more often, or if he was just inferring that sailboats seldom leave their slips compared to their power boat neighbors, but Bo and I took the challenge to heart to defend all past, present and future sailors!


Our primary goal was to find time for a boat ride every day.  Living in a marina certainly helps! The secondary goal was to learn to use our own boats better, safer, and with more confidence.  So that meant going out when we’d rather not…weather, work, life…insert excuse.


The rules were simple: 1. Untie the dock lines and leave the marina on a boat. 2. On anything motorized.  3. As many days as possible.


What we started 100 days ago, has me amazed, excited and better prepared for anything that might happen on the water.  And the help from friends and the diversity of boats has been incredible.


My sailboat, Bo’s sailboat, Skipper J’s sport fisher, Michael’s motor yacht and rentals, Attitude Sailing adventures, Sail Perdido excursions, Cold Mil Fleet’s dolphin cruises, dinner cruises, a Hudson’s paddle wheel, Capt. Gary’s tug boat to New Orleans, a sailboat delivery from Key West, a folding dinghy, an inflatable dinghy, red snapper fishing on the Gulf…all were directly involved in reaching my century mark.


As of today, I reached the milestone of 100 consecutive days on the water- from Memorial Day past Labor Day-rain or shine. Skipper J was with me as we sailed out of the marina under wind power alone.  I think he was a little proud of the accomplishment he helped start and finish…even if it was on a “darn old sailboat!”


PS. Bo sailed everyday he was in town this summer.  Quite an accomplishment in itself.  And Kim was with me the entire time…I appreciate her encouragement and support. I’m glad she spent the summer on the boat sailing with me.  That’s probably the biggest achievement of all!



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